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Our First Android App

Well, it's done. Our first Android app is in the can, and we're hoping it will be popular. It didn't take long to get it going and there's probably about 100 more ideas we could incorporate, but we'll leave it as it is for the moment and re-visit it later.

For those that are interested the app is called "Whalebone Wishlist" and can be found on the Android Market at

You can read a bit more about it and read the instructions for how to use it at it's page on our site.

I'm off to go to the first Android Australia User's Group meetup tomorrow night (this will have passed by the time that you read this). I'm hoping to meet up with a few developers and start working the social networks. Or something like that. It will be good as a follow up to the Android Dev Day that I attended at Google in Sydney late last year.

Our next project is to port OpenAL to Android. It's been done before, but we want to do it as a maintained library for others to use. We are aware that there is now native OpenSL ES now available, be we still this that there is value is porting OpenAL - mainly because it's more popular at the moment. That's me signing out for the moment.


At last, someone comes up with the "right" asnewr!

Wow! Great thnkiing! JK

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